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Detailierte Angaben zu "Rifle Pits"

Civil War Field Fortifications Website - Detailed Notes on Rifle Pits

The following 12 illustrations show various profiles of field works specifically identified in source material as "rifle pits" that combine an interior ditch (or trench) with a low parapet. Three of these examples show works that included very shallow ditches on the exterior side of the parapet that could not have been intended as obstacles. In these cases the exterior ditches were probably included due to the nature of the soil, which precluded digging a single deep trench, or the need to raise the parapet with greater haste by a larger labor force than would have been possible with a single interior ditch. In many cases a low banquette was raised about 12 to 18 inches above the level of the bottom of the interior ditch and in some a second step or berm was added on the interior side of the trench, presumably to allow troops occupying the work to pass over the parapet with greater ease. In all cases the length of the field works referred to as rifle pits was more or less extensive and prolonged rather than limited and short and would, adopting J. G. Barnard's terminology as in the definition previously given, be referred to more specifically as rifle trenches.

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